October 17, 2009

La Capitale and Spanish Coffee

I know a few people who like to go La Cap'n and when they do you'll find them at La Capitale, a stellar French bistro on the corner of State and High in downtown Salem.

I'm part of 'that' crowd.

La Cap is the perfect spot for meeting friends for a cocktail or two. It's comfort, with style.

It's where you can order a lavender martini, peach julep, sidecar or experience the absinthe fountain.

What I love:

The ambience at the bar
An open kitchen
Fresh ingredients
Outdoor seating
Pommes frites
Infused liquors
Black & white movies
Fresh herbs on the bar
The absinthe fountain
Booze and coffee

Oh, and I can't forget Rob the bartender.

Speaking of booze and coffee and Rob the bartender. He makes a spectactular Spanish coffee, not only is it tasty but it's a visual delight.

I love the welcome.

1 comment:

  1. I love the burger... with the mushrooms. Out of this world!


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