November 28, 2010

and More Gift Ideas - 2010

Mas. Mehr. Mer. Daha.


Zinc Outdoor Thermometer

Cute. Love it. From terrain.


Faded Floral Hottie

Yes it is a UK site but I still love it. Toast.


Dandelion Necklace

From the site Twig.


.... and then almost anything from And make some time to check out land located on North Mississippi Ave in Portland.


Local apple goodness can be had online at Wandering Aengus Ciderworks.

I recently went for a tasting of their wonderful cider up in the way out west hills location outside of Salem. I learned that their last tasting at this location is scheduled for next weekend (December 3rd & 4th) and I hear there will be a Groupon coming out that sounds wonderful. They are slated to have another tasting event in January (7th & 8th) at their new location in Salem. If you are unable to make it to the tastings and would like to try their cider (I <3 Bloom and Wanderlust) then purchase some online or locally at Lifesource Natural Foods.

Have fun.

November 27, 2010

More Gift Ideas - 2010

More gift ideas for the coming exchanges. Be prepared.

Keyhole Flats

I love these. So simple yet yummy. Made by Molly Puzo from Long Beach, CA and sold in her Etsy shop - HydraHeart


Fox on a Bike

A bit of whimsy. Fun t-shirts can be had at Dark Cycle Clothing on Etsy.


Shadow Play

I can envision a little girl sitting on her bed looking at this print on the wall and just thinking. Imagining. Wondering, is it possible?

Delightful prints from Ella MacKay. Her Etsy shop is theaterclouds


The Swimmers

This could be a picture from my youth. A 13 x 19 print from local artist Lisa Golightly on her etsy site kikiandpolly.

Also peruse her website -, where you could order a custom piece. I am partial to her line portraits.

More options.
More fun.


I think I might have another sliver of pie. Ciao.

November 21, 2010

Gift Ideas - 2010

Once again I will assemble a few links to gift ideas for the upcoming holiday exhanges.

The Redhead

It is a giclee print of an original acrylic and pencil illustration from Kat Hannah.


2011 CD Case Desk Calendar

A wonderful desk calendar with fun illustrations from a local Portland artist/graphic designer. Alex Winjen


Funny Joke

A lovely art print by Tali. tushtush on Etsy


Help with Luggage

Another art print. I own one of Sophie Blackall's prints. Love it. This one struck me. ~ half asian girl


Swept Away

Another print. I've already purchased this for someone on my holiday gift list. Artist is Kelly Place. kad0081 on Etsy.

<3 the Avett Brothers.


And finally.

Eye Chart Cork Necklace

Lovely necklaces from a designer from New Jersey, Catherine Ivens. uncorked on Etsy.


November 4, 2010

Croon and Swoon - Salem Art Association Holiday Gala 2010

Check out the Salem Art Association's Holiday Gala on November 12th from 6:00-9:00pm.

martini bar
40's costume contest
big band music
handmade gifts

Sounds like a fun evening at the Bush Barn.

Croon and Swoon.

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