October 31, 2010

Fall - Halloween, Minto Brown Island, Dog Park and Pumpkins

Happy Halloween.

I plan on sitting by the fire tending the doorbell while the spooks and ghouls chant their mantra.

Trick or Treat!

My own three ghouls will be scattered about, one helping with the door and the other two making any excuse they can to go on their own trick or treat trek.

How old is too old? We don't have an age limit here. It's all about fun.

I still need to buy the candy and can't decide whether to get what I like or what I don't like. You know the dilemma. Right? Hmmm.

On another note, I have decided that fall is pretty nice, especially when there is a reprieve from the rain.

These pics were taken at Minto Brown Island park.

Whenever I see a car driving down River Road with a dog in it I know it's a happy dog. You know it knows it's getting close to the dog park. If it could talk I think it would be chanting, "DOG PARK. I'm going to the dog park. Hey, we're getting close to the dog park. Dog park. I can smell the dog park! Dog park, dog park, dog park. Oh my God, DOG PARK!"

Enjoy the day. Our pumpkins are out and ready to be lit.

Oh yeah, that kid of mine is a charmer. :)

Happy Halloweenie!

October 29, 2010

Ghostly Spectre

I love Halloween but am usually too wrapped up in life to do anything about it. Kind of like a mummy. Ha.  (Bad, I know.)

Anyway, while perusing the web I came across a website which linked to another website which featured the following craft. I think it looks fabulous.

It is from the blog.... Everyday is a Crafting Day!

copyright of Everyday by Tuesdee
Head to the link for this craft project and get it done before the big day. A Floating Ghost

I plan on making one or two or three.

October 4, 2010

Liberty Apples

Mmm. Tart and tasty Liberty.


Okay, I've gotten a few inquiries as to where I get these Liberty apples. I buy my local apples from my local natural food store, Lifesource who happens to sell the organic apples grown in Silverton, Oregon at the Austin Farm. I joined a group from Friends of Salem Saturday Market on a tour of Austin Farm earlier this year. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Neil and Marian are delightful people and grow delightful apples.

Austin Farms also grows and sells my new all time favorite apple, the Wynoochee.

So, next year during apple season, check out these local apple delights.

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