October 4, 2010

Liberty Apples

Mmm. Tart and tasty Liberty.


Okay, I've gotten a few inquiries as to where I get these Liberty apples. I buy my local apples from my local natural food store, Lifesource who happens to sell the organic apples grown in Silverton, Oregon at the Austin Farm. I joined a group from Friends of Salem Saturday Market on a tour of Austin Farm earlier this year. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Neil and Marian are delightful people and grow delightful apples.

Austin Farms also grows and sells my new all time favorite apple, the Wynoochee.

So, next year during apple season, check out these local apple delights.

1 comment:

  1. Yum! I've been making applesauce all week, and it's delicious & perfect - no sugar or spices needed! It was great to meet you in Silverton last weekend. :)


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