Book Reviewer - ~S

What do you do when you usually read way more than 2 books a week and feel everyone should read like you do and what you do? Apparently, you act as a guest blogger for your friend who is usually on the receiving end of your rants. So, who am I and why would you want to read this crap?

Well, I'm a thirty-something Pacific Northwesterner with a bad reading habit (so far, the ten step program is simply not working) and a serious case of geek-chic (strangely, I can hear my friends laughing themselves sick over that statement). I listen to music far too young for me as well as 80s and 90s stuff, I read Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Romance (I swore off the hard stuff after finishing my masters in English), and I watch a fair amount of cheesy television. Since I have nothing to hide, I'll admit I am distinctly UK-centric, I can't spell, and sometimes . .. okay most of the time. . . I am a wee bit crazy (a little more money and I get to be eccentric). YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. . . .

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