August 31, 2010

Portland Timbers


Next year the Portland Timbers will be an official MLS club.


Next year we will be attending those MLS matches in Portland.


Next year you should too.

So much fun!


August 29, 2010

Family Gathering

Forty six years ago two amazing people walked down the aisle to say 'I do'.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Last night we had a family gathering to celebrate their amazing, and never boring, life together.

Good people.
Good food.
Good times.

I love family gatherings.

Again, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

I love you.

August 8, 2010

Simple Slaw

My foray back into cooking started with a simple slaw with vegetables from my CSA share.

Green Pepper

Rice wine vinegar
Citrus olive oil
Sprinkling of sugar
Dash of pepper
Tiniest bit of salt

Finely chop, grate, slice the veg and place in a bowl. I used half a head of cabbage, a quarter of a medium white onion, two carrots, a green pepper, and a quarter jalapeño. Sprinkle with about three tablespoons of vinegar and a tiny pinch of salt. Mix. Rest. Let the salt cause the cabbage to wilt slightly. Add about a tablespoon of good citrus olive oil and a sprinkle of sugar. Mix. Chill. Eat.


August 4, 2010

Venti's Cafe

Venti's has come up with a recipe that works for Salem. Teriyaki, vegetarian options, healthful, whole ingredients and finally a diverse and fun, ever-changing selection of beers.

Their move to a new location, in my opinion, was the right one. The larger space makes for an even more varied and diverse crowd. Venti's is a place where you can sit and leisurely have a bowl of goodness all the while see a variety of tattoos, bike shorts (and shirts) or business attire.

Some of my favorite food items are:

Thai Peanut Bowl (with cabbage salad and ginger)
Boulder Bowl (corn chips, who would a'thought?)
Teriyaki Chicken
Mezza Plate
Salmon Salad (currently a special)
and of course both types of fries - sweet potato AND regular

The new location has added the -Basement Bar. What a fun, local hangout. A wide selection of unique beers are available as well as a full bar. The bar food is the same delicious fare served upstairs.

Venti's usually updates their beer menu on Twitter so you can always be well versed as to what's on tap.

I'm also a fan of their frequent art installations.

The details:

Venti's Cafe
325 Court St NE
Salem, Oregon

Twitter: @ventiscafe

August 2, 2010

Myocardial Infarction and Me

Nine days ago I felt something heavy.

Something heavy in my chest. Then my upper arms felt weak. Then I had the sweats.

Yes it's true, at 42 I had a heart attack. Luckily, I recognized the signs and quickly got to the hospital where a team of medical providers quickly assessed my complaints and got me in for the treatment which likely saved my life. Salem Hospital and their cardiac team have got it on the ball. Kudos.

I was assessed, treated and in my room within about three hours of the first suggestion of my chest pain.

I had two stents placed in my left anterior descending artery which was about 90% blocked. How can this be I wondered? I don't have high blood pressure, I don't have high cholesterol, I have no family history of heart problems. HOW and WHY swirled in my head.

Well, I've decided to not focus on the how and why but instead to move forward. I've got a chance to shine.


Some snaps while inside.

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