November 27, 2010

More Gift Ideas - 2010

More gift ideas for the coming exchanges. Be prepared.

Keyhole Flats

I love these. So simple yet yummy. Made by Molly Puzo from Long Beach, CA and sold in her Etsy shop - HydraHeart


Fox on a Bike

A bit of whimsy. Fun t-shirts can be had at Dark Cycle Clothing on Etsy.


Shadow Play

I can envision a little girl sitting on her bed looking at this print on the wall and just thinking. Imagining. Wondering, is it possible?

Delightful prints from Ella MacKay. Her Etsy shop is theaterclouds


The Swimmers

This could be a picture from my youth. A 13 x 19 print from local artist Lisa Golightly on her etsy site kikiandpolly.

Also peruse her website -, where you could order a custom piece. I am partial to her line portraits.

More options.
More fun.


I think I might have another sliver of pie. Ciao.

1 comment:

  1. Well Dang!
    Not sure how I missed this post during the holidays.
    Oh well, nephew will enjoy a bike tee on his birthday instead.
    Thanks for sharing!


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