October 24, 2009

Diner Love - Court Street Dairy Lunch

I love me a good diner.

After a quick stroll through Bush Park I've been known to mosey over to Chad's or White's for breakfast. For a mid-week downtown bite, Court Street Dairy Lunch is a favorite spot. I can always count on a familiar face behind the counter.

Recently, I heard an interesting story on the radio. It was an interview with Candacy A. Taylor who has written the book, Counter Culture: The American Coffee Shop Waitress.

As noted from her website, Taylor Made Culture;
"The waitress project features women who have been dishing out everything from eggs to insults for up to 60 years. They are among the healthiest, most vibrant, hardest working women in the US. They have raced to our tables, quarreled with the cooks and brought humor and culture to the American roadside dining experience. Despite the social stigma of being ‘just a waitress,’ this multimedia project tells the stories of women who enjoy what they do. Although waitressing is hard work, these lifers say the job keeps them feeling younger, sharpens their minds, and fulfills their desire to make meaningful human connections with their regular customers."

The book was published in September 2009.   ~ Annie Bloom's Books ~

Wonderful photo essay via The New Yorker.

Next time I visit my favorite diner, Court Street Dairy Lunch, I'll be reminded of the importance of leaving a good tip to the familiar faces behind the counter. They've been serving me since my first visit over 25 years ago.

I'll take a Ranch burger with fries and a vanilla milkshake please. Thousand on the side.

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