October 1, 2009


Anyone need any leaves? I've got a few extra.

I live in a lovely older neighborhood in South Central Salem surrounded by lovely old trees. In my yard alone I have an old Butternut tree, a Maple and a majestic Oak. I cherish these trees.

I remember while growing up and wandering through these older neighborhoods (I grew up in a new subdivision) I was amazed by the permanence of those grand trees. I remember watching movies which depicted neighborhoods with tree lined avenues. I wanted that. I wanted those trees. Now I have them.

Guess what, those trees are now mine and so is the associated maintenance. (Well, I guess I have to give credit where credit is due, the associated maintenance falls into my husband's lap. Thank you J.)

We knew the leaves would fall. We didn't realize how many other things would fall and the stages that fall would go through. We've got whirly birds, sap drip, acorns, butternuts along with some other fluff and stuff of one type or another. None of these things falls at once, oh no, it's conveniently staggered for fall weekend work-out's.

This year, with a little research we have learned that our funky walnuts are in fact butternuts. Thank you internet. We are attempting to harvest some of our butternuts this year but I'm sceptical of our success. The yield has been amazing and suspect it has something to do with the hard winter this past year.

For the next research project, I'd like to determine what type of Maple is out there.

I could complain about this fall clean up but really it's such a small price to pay for these amazing beauties. I love my big trees.

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