March 5, 2010

Shopping for Stuff

While I was waiting for my daughter to finish her indoor soccer practice I took a stroll through a local World Market. Let me share my shopping adventure. Wait. Local World Market? Hmmmm.

Here are a few things that made their way to my house.
And a few that didn't.

You gotta love nutella. (Shhh. I bought the store brand.)

I love parchment paper. I need parchment paper.

See that measuring cup? Buy it. It is the best. You can measure the liquid from the side or from the top.

These aren't fizzy lifting drinks but they are entertaining. A marble in the bottle neck will do that.

These dishes didn't make it home. They will. Someday.
I have gifted the sake set with a bottle of Oregon sake. Ahhh. The gift of alcohol.

I have gifted this as well. Nothing says love like a ceramic compost bin.

Beer. Local. Rogue.

Baby bubbly. So cute.


1 comment:

  1. Triple love World Market!!! So glad that one came to our neck of the woods. Now we just have to work on Trader Joes! Life would then be truly perfect!


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