December 16, 2009

Vietnam Restaurant

One of my kids pointed out recently that Wednesday's seem to be our dine out day. How about Vietnamese food?

Lately we've been dining at Vietnam Restaurant, located in a mini strip mall on the corner of Liberty and Center in the downtown core. It's nestled in between a camera shop and a silkscreen business and is around the corner from See's Candies. (And I mean nestled, as in, almost hidden.)

It's location is very convenient to our Central Salem home and the prices are very affordable, averaging about $7 for a well sized entree. They serve the standard selection of Pho and Bun but we've discovered something more.

We've discovered Com Tom Xao Xa Ot, which is Spicy lemon grass shrimp with steamed rice. Oh, it is heaven.

Today we ordered:
#8 Pho - Slice - Fresh eye of round steak with noodle soup
#14 Bun Tom Thit Nuong - Grilled sliced pork and grilled shrimp
#22 Com Vit Quay - BBQ duck with steamed rice and vegetables
#24 Com Tom Xao Xa Ot - Spicy lemon grass shrimp with steamed rice
#26 Com Ga Xao Xa Ot - Spicy lemon grass chicken with steamed rice

Mmmm. Nom Nom.

Give it a try.

Vietnam Restaurant
364 Center Street
Downtown Salem

Monday- Saturday 11am - 8pm
Sunday 11am - 6pm

1 comment:

  1. #14 Hands down my favorite! Although I also love the lemon grass chicken. I think this is the best Vietnamese in town. Although I haven't been to Kim Huong's in awhile. This is just so convenient for me. Plus #14 is really good. What more can I say?? TRY it!


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