December 28, 2009

Memories of a Groovy Girl

See there?

See that little doll on the mirrored ledge?

She's a Groovy Girl ~ circa 1999 or so.

This is my daughter's doll dating back to when she was about two.

She's wearing cute little overall shorts and has blond curls.

(I secretly love this doll.)

Once upon a time, said doll had LONG blond curls.

I couldn't ever quite figure out why my daughter gave her such a close haircut.

The "real story" recently came to light.

Apparently one of the brother's was behind the new "hairdo". (He shall remain nameless.)

You know what?

I have a feeling this is just the beginning of the, "Gosh mom, I can't believe you didn't know THAT!" stories.

I still love you Groovy Girl.


  1. At our house, those stories have been eeking out for several years now. Sometimes I find that N was in the loop-of-knowing, but I rarely was. Interesting how those things work out.

  2. At our house, we had the "Food Tree." When my mom had my sis and I eat outside during the summer, we would toss whatever we didn't want to eat (grapes, sandwiches, yogurt cups) into this tree. We had to come clean earlier than we would have liked when my mom had the tree taken down. We still have a great laugh about it 20 plus years later.


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