January 14, 2011

Green Smoothie Detox - wha???

Okay, here's the deal. My wonderful friend Judith asked me if I'd like to take part in a green smoothie detox. She told me that when she signed up she was able to add a guest for free. She mentioned I could take it at my own pace and that during the program there would likely be solicitations for other products but I didn't have to buy anything.

I said sure. Then I thought to myself, hmmm, what is a green smoothie detox?

Now I know.
I'm learning lots.

Some of which are.....

I like green smoothies.
A raw diet is "interesting" :)
I can now grow my own sprouts.
My 1970's blender was kick-ass for it's time and still is.
Buying lots of leafy greens is cheaper than buying meat.
Kale is my friend.

This program, which is put on by the Green Smoothie Queen with mention of the Raw Food Divas, is completely foreign compared to anything I have ever done before. I have never even contemplated eating raw. Never. Ever. Never. And....I'm pretty sure detox has never been on any of my "to do" lists.

But, I'm doing it. And with minimal cheating. I make it through each day reminding myself this is a detox and that I am not making a complete 180 and changing to a complete raw lifestyle. But, I'll likely continue having green smoothies.

Hey, it's only a month right. I can do this. I'll keep you updated as the month progresses.

Back to my friend Judith. I met her a few years ago. She was a nurse practitioner at my work's health clinic. She left the company we worked for to explore new possibilities. After my heart attack last July, I sent her a quick note thinking she was still back east studying but discovered she was back in town. What a boon for me.

Judith teaches. She teaches about food. She teaches about self and what's important. Sometimes we forget the basics and we need a teacher. Judith reminded me to...Be happy. Destress. Eat well. Take time for myself.

So my journey continues and I'm not perfect but if you are interested in being reminded to...Be happy. Destress. Eat well. Take time for yourself...then check out her website All That Nourishes and sign up for the newsletter.

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