July 17, 2010

...more Salem Art Fair

The weather has been perfect for today's festivities. I'm sitting in my booth setting up this blog post. Ah, the convenience of my iPhone.

I've been able to get away and have spotted a few more artists that strike my fancy.

Mandy Allen from Portland makes beautiful, affordable silver and anodized aluminum jewelry.

Aisle 19 - Booth 223

Lisa Telling Kattenbraker from Olympia Washington has lovely, whimsical paintings. I was admiring them and then realized after going up close for a look at the detail that they are actually batik. Wow!

Aisle 20 - Booth 230

Christopher Bibby from Portland has a variety of colorful urban skyline paintings. The colors are fresh and fun without being kitschy.

Aisle 8 - Booth 85

Come on down, there's only one day left.

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