November 14, 2009

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Options

Thanksgiving is coming. What is a vegetarian to do? Do I care? 

I enjoy and gladly gobble up that big turkey bird every year. Alas, a good friend and many family members don't share my love for the carnage.

This recent post by Food in Jars looks perfect for those looking for some original T Day options.  Thanksgiving Favorites

Not only is there a Brined Turkey recipe there are also some tasty, interesting recipes for the veg in your life. I think the Napa Cabbage Gratin and Yumpkins are on my to-do list



  1. Oh, glad to hear you liked my Thanksgiving round-up! The yumpkins are amazing, I highly encourage you to make them.

  2. Sounds like yumpkins may not be just for Thanksgiving!


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