November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

Thanks for...

Those peeps in my life I couldn't do without. My hub, my kids, my family, my friend Trice, my pals, my Bob and Cha Cha, my funny and wonderful co-workers....

The places I love. Home, living so close to the mountains and the beach, living in a city small enough that when I complain about the traffic I've obviously had a bad day 'cause it's nothing, living near a city big enough that I can get a little turned around in walking the ups and downs of the city blocks, going to wonderful restaurants, massive book stores.

The stuff. New recipes, my guinea pig pals who try the new recipes, discovering new restaurants, the blogging world, warm socks, lovely candles, good books, sour cream horseradish dip and plain potato chips, fat robins, fresh flowers, long days filled with sunshine, spring.

And right at this moment, I'm thankful for my cup of coffee, my blanket and this warm fire.

Happy Thanksgiving.

It's early and I still need to go to the store for some sweetened condensed milk to make my Thanksgiving contribution. Yumkins.

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  1. Your animals look so wonderfully relaxed. Happy Thanksgiving.


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