September 29, 2012

Amanda Palmer at The Wonder Ballroom

The night was hot. It was hot in that ballroom. Hot. Hot. Hot.

The night was also beautiful and wonderful. The opening acts were fun and charming. It had the feel of the cabaret. All that was missing were the little round tables, red velvet and cigarette girls.

I can't help but feel as if the performers last night were characters in a novel, visions of The Great Gatsby wafting here and there.

The opening acts were mini shows put on by members of the The Grand Theft Orchestra, who are amazingly talented, silly and fun. Amanda Palmer filled the role of emcee and spoke to the crowd as if we were all just friends hanging out in her space. Friends who were there to enjoy the show. She ate anamorphic fruit while her tiara sparkled from afar. She was energized.

Here is a vid of Olly Olly Oxen Free.

Another of Want it Back.

You can pay what you want for the album. It's worth your time and some cash.

Theatre Is Evil - Pay What You Want

Some of my favorite music videos of songs from the Theatre is Evil album are out on the internets and are amazing and NSFW.

Here is one. Remember NSFW!  If nudity bothers you then don't click the link. :)

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