September 4, 2010

Relaxing at Clockworks

I've found a new spot to sit back and enjoy a little pot of tea here in Salem.

Clockworks Cafe and Cultural Center.

Clockworks is located in downtown Salem on Commercial St. It is in a large building with lots of wooden tables, couches, and comfortable armchairs. I've already found my favorite spot.

The tea is wonderful. They serve Smith Tea. In addition, they serve Stumptown Coffee for those hankering for some caffeine and have a variety of sweets and sandwiches. No beer or wine though.

I've had their veggie sandwich which was no Queen of Tarts veggie sandwich but tasty all the same. It was served on Dave's Killer Bread with some chips.

Unfortunately I have not yet made it down for their evening events but am determined to make that happen. There are a variety of classes scheduled for just about every day of the week.

Wander in.
Take a seat.
Give it a whirl.

So here's my gripe. I love the steampunk vibe but if you're gonna have all those clocks at least make sure they work. Tick tock.

Oh yeah. Free wifi too.

Clockworks Cafe and Cultural Center
241 Commercial St, Salem, OR
ph: 503-339-7573


  1. Or not. Just think of all of those clocks getting out of sync. Could be a big stresser. Or: look at all the time you are wasting! No thanks...

  2. Ha ha. So true. Ok, I'll settle for one.

  3. We hold a lot of FSSM Committee meetings at CCCC, and those non-working clocks throw me off every time!


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