April 3, 2010

St Honore Boulangerie

I love Yelp.

This service, which I can access via my iPhone, was well appreciated on my recent road trip to San Francisco.

Today I discovered a fabulous bakery in Lake Oswego with the help of Yelp.

St Honore Boulangerie has two locations. One in Portland, on Thurman, and the other in downtown Lake Oswego. We found the Lake Oswego spot.

The line was quite long, but someone recently reminded me that if you have to wait it means the food is good. (Thanks again for the San Francisco restaurant recommendations David R.)

That adage holds true for St Honore. Our breakfast order consisted of:

Croque Madame - which is a Croque Monsieur topped with a poached egg

Brioche Cocotte - Brioche with a poached egg inside, chive creme fraiche and two bacon strips. (Isn't it adorable?)

Pain au Chocolat - a chocolate croissant

We ordered a sandwich to take with us for later:

Brie aux Fines Herbes - Baguette, chive and parsley butter, double creme Brie, frisee green leaves, cucumbers and toasted sliced almonds

Finally the breads. A Campagne and traditional Baguette to enjoy later.

What we didn't order, but will be tempted to find excuse to return, were the numerous patisserie.

Oh my. Nom nom.

Again, thank you Yelp for making my stops for sustenance while out of town so enjoyable.

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  1. This looks like my kind of place! Will have to check it out!


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