July 11, 2009

Saturdays Are Wonderful

Saturdays are wonderful.

Soccer games, road trip, street fair, playing with a five year old with an impish grin, shaved ice, trying a new cheese (mmmm), and a beautiful sunset.

Soccer games were forgettable, unfortunately. A few good plays but no score thus no wins.

Road trip up to Portland and back.

The Mississippi Street Fair was excellent. It went forever. My favorites were - the superhero, cool hats, hip art, bucket drums and the cellist Adam Hurst.

The five year old was cute and had a friend. He loved lime shaved ice. He had a dirty face. He was bored and preparing to flop at New Seasons until he met the iPhone.

Shaved ice is always good. Lime and Mango today.

New cheese was smooth and peppery. Pyrenees Peppercorn. Went well with the fig spread.

And a beautiful sunset ends the day.

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